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Wine as culture

“Cultura Líquida” was created to contribute to the development and social improvement through wine culture. Our goals are the dissemination of wine as a culture and the defense of wine heritage by promoting transformative social initiatives.


Cultura Líquida

The founding purposes set out in our statutes are the dissemination, promotion of wine culture and heritage of historical, artistic and cultural value in general, with the aim of ensuring the wine, cultural and human heritage, promoting innovative initiatives. We are also born with the firm purpose of encouraging, promoting, developing, protecting and supporting civic, training, educational, academic, cultural, scientific, cooperation, research and innovation activities.

Connecting geographies, culture, wine and people

Cultura Líquida is born with a strong commitment and bond with the land, the landscape and the people in order to build a unique legacy. We are also born with the purpose of promoting and managing cultural entrepreneurship projects for social transformation in different formative, editorial, collaborative, research or creative areas.

Cultural exchange is also part of our purpose, creating interdisciplinary connections of research, knowledge, entrepreneurship and creation of experiences. A cultural management whose philosophy is the collaborative and creative spirit generating spaces of diversity and social and cultural exchange. Cultura Líquida is action and reflection. Our motivation and commitment as a foundation have led us to develop in our first year several cultural projects that involve the integral development of people and educational action.


The wine & the culture

On April 19, 2021, Cultura Líquida Foundation was established, promoted by Alma Carraovejas for the promotion and development of unique projects to perpetuate a legacy that transcends in time. A non-profit organization created to contribute to the development and social improvement through wine culture. The foundation protects, channels and makes effective our socio-cultural contribution by transmitting the values we defend. The foundation is committed to ethical commitment, the defense of sustainable social development and transparency.

Our goals are the dissemination of wine as a culture and the defense of wine heritage, promoting transformative social initiatives. We promote training activities, academic and scientific activities working in cultural management from cooperation and entrepreneurship to support economic, social and cultural development.

Our philosophy

Wine is the heritage of traditions. It originates a special landscape, a type of architecture, shapes nature, generates wealth, differentiated local identity, connects artistic disciplines, is a cultural essence and builds social interaction. In the places where vines grew, wine was a determining social factor. Today, wine culture is also a promoter of social sustainability and an engine of economic and cultural development.

At Cultura Líquida we disseminate wine culture and wine as culture. We value identity, heritage and memory, understood as a look at the past to understand and promote the future. The defense of wine, cultural and human heritage by promoting innovative initiatives are the cornerstones of our philosophy.