Family-Responsible Company



What does it mean to be an EFR?

Work-life balance is the balance between employees’ professional responsibilities and their personal and family needs. Proper management of this variable will allow us to improve our ability to attract and retain talent, increasing employee commitment and happiness, equality between women and men, a good working environment and satisfaction.

All this, with the ultimate goal of improving the personal and family relationships of employees, efficiency, productivity and reputation of Alma and all the projects that comprise it. The work-life balance measures are applicable to the entire Alma Carraovejas workforce, and Pago de Carraovejas has held this certificate since 2015.

EFR Certificate

Since 2016 we have been certified in the EFR Model (1000-2) and two years later we achieved the highest category A+. Un sistema de gestión orientado a establecer una autorregulación voluntaria de la empresa en la coordinación de las personas relativa a la calidad en el empleo, la flexibilidad temporal y espacial, el apoyo a las familias, el desarrollo personal y profesional y la igualdad de oportunidades.

The main objective of this model is to define a series of benefits designed to meet the needs demanded by employees, which has given rise to the EFR Measures Catalog, which we renew annually taking into account the particularities of each project and the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Through these measures we try to offer an improvement in the quality of life and well-being of our employees and their families, through the reconciliation of personal and work life, developing actions that go beyond what is required by law.