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Commitment to landscape

In 2021 Alma arrives at Bodega Marañones. Marañones is the reflection of its unique landscapes that rise between 650 and 850 meters above sea level in the Sierra de Gredos. Small plots that form a mosaic of vineyards of exceptional landscape and enological color within the denomination of origin wines of Madrid.

marañones peña Cruzada

Marañones vineyard

Marañones is made up of a mosaic of small plots concentrated in its homonymous estate -mainly- to which are added others distributed in different parts of San Martín de Valdeiglesias. Its diverse orography and a north orientation in most of these plots make up a unique vineyard landscape.

The dominant varieties that can be found on the estate are native to the area: Garnacha, Albillo Real and Moscatel de grano menudo. The vineyard plots are small, up to a total of 25 hectares. They are orderly farms, very well integrated in the landscape context, which condition the traditional elements, without generating ruptures with the most innovative aspects of organic agriculture.


The geology of the farm is composed of Hercynian granitic rocks. Adamelites with megacrystals and torralitic microaggregates. The structure is disseminated in large elevated blocks and depressions arranged by a fault system in which the granite predominates throughout the environment. The orography, orientation and exposure of each vineyard, together with the inter-annual variations in temperature and rainfall, result in micro-climatic environments that can influence the annual response of the vineyards.



Along the route of the Marañones farm we can find vegetation of exceptional richness and value. Respect for biodiversity and the search for a balance with the ecosystem is one of the main pillars of the company’s daily work. Holm oaks, oaks, olive trees, pines, cornicabras and chaparras are protagonists throughout the visit to the farm. The low forest and aromatic plants such as rosemary, thyme and lavender are present throughout the tour and their fragrance fills the entire space.

The wines of Marañones


Picarana is the expression of the albillo real with the mesoclimate of the Marañones estate. The natural aeration, the freshness of the altitude and the orientation of the plots provide an outstanding balance in the vineyard. The vines are between 30 and 70 years old, trained in goblet vines and with a creeping growth habit, and yields are very low and limited to small clusters. The philosophy of respect in viticulture and winemaking shows the varietal character in an estate winemaking process.

Pies Descalzos

Pies descalzos comes from the plot known as Peña Cruzada, in the undulations of the Gredos border between the Marañones estate and San Martín de Valdeiglesias. The 0.7 ha of old albillo real vines, its pink granite soil and the vineyard’s mesoclimate fill this vineyard with nuances. Its homogeneity and integration with the environment complement it. An exceptional vineyard. Elegance and length. The pure expression of the Peña Cruzada plot. The balance in the vineyard between viticulture, soil, climate and variety. Wine for cellaring.

30.000 Maravedíes

30.000 Maravedíes is a village wine that shows the climatic conditions of San Martín de Valdeiglesias. In the foothills of Gredos, between elevations marked by the valleys of the Upper and Lower Alberche, the Iruelas Valley and the Upper Tiétar Valley, the vines retain a unique mesoclimatic and edaphological profile: between 650 and 850 meters above sea level, mountain rainfall and the mark of the granite in sandy texture. 30,000 maravedíes is made from 90% Garnacha and 10% local varieties in order to faithfully represent the reality of the environment.


Marañones is an estate wine with the character of the mesoclimate and the three types of granite in Gredos: white granite, brown granite and pink granite. The sandy texture and the goblet training of the 50 to 70 year old Garnacha vines reveal a unique identity with the blend of the estate’s small plots. The more than 800 meters altitude favors a slow ripening of the grapes. The winds help to manage the viticulture in a way that is extremely respectful of the environment. The ecosystem created brings a particular plurality to the wines.

Peña Caballera

Peña Caballera is a wine that comes from the homonymous plot located at the top of the Marañones estate. The hectare and a half of old Grenache vines on granitic soils rise above the rest of the vineyards of San Martín de Valdeiglesias: at 850 meters above sea level and with a marked north orientation, the grapes ripen slowly acquiring maximum complexity. The philosophy of respect in viticulture and winemaking achieves the full expression of an exceptional vineyard. Freshness of the Gredos mountain range. Balance of the Marañones landscape. The identity of an extraordinary plot.

The commitment in Marañones

Care, honesty and respect. Marañones has a specific work program that focuses on continuous improvement processes in different aspects that are essential for the development of quality wines. The aim is to give back to society and the territory part of the achievements obtained with their work. A connection between project and territory based on contributing to improve and promote the environment from the economic development generated and to strengthen values such as respect for the environment, culture and vocation for effort and work well done.

To this end, the commitment takes the landscape as an essential object in which environment and human environment converge, and as a vehicle from which to address competitive challenges from concrete solutions.