Authenticity and passion

“An authentic person takes responsibility for being what he is and knows that he is free to be what he is”

Jean Paul Sartre


Carraovejas Vendimia

Creating unforgettable experiences around wine, committed to unique projects in search of a superior purpose, with the commitment to build a unique legacy.

Our challenge is to be able to inspire ourselves, every day, to develop authentic products and services, supported by an organization that is happy and sustainable with itself and its environment, seeking constant improvement, to achieve the highest quality through innovation, intent on preserving the internal culture of the organization and of the people who compose it as a heritage.

Viñedo Ossian

Alma Carraovejas aspires to be internationally recognized as one of the Spanish benchmarks for the quality and variety of its wines, and for its thought-out tourist-gastronomic offer, with the ambition to create lasting value for all our stakeholders.

To achieve this, we have set a series of objectives:

  • To create products/services through unique projects with which to continue surprising our customers by creating authentic experiences.
  • To promote a transformation project that, by placing people in the center, helps us carry out modern and efficient business management.
  • Strengthen the brand imageto achieve both national and international recognition of our products and services.
  • Promote the culture of wineby ensuring wine heritageand promoting innovative initiatives with a high impact.
  • Preserve the environment in a sustainable way and with minimum impact with ourprocesses committed to quality, the environment and social responsibility
  • Increase the added value in our processes and services, placing continuous improvement at the heart of the processes
  • Maximize the value of the company for all stakeholders.


  • Honesty: We communicate clearly with collaborators, customers, suppliers, shareholders and with society in general. By means of this transparency, we pursue the brand’s commitment to society, in order to return everything it gives us.
  • Coherency: We are respectful of the traditional processes that gave rise to wine and the responsible introduction of new technologies. We are committed to sustainability, caring for the viticultural heritage and the environment.
  • Authenticity: We are proud of our origins and, above all, of our principles. We fight every day for the identity of our wines, from the work in the vineyard to their elaboration and distribution. We are passionate about giving value to all kinds of unique projects.
  • A culture based around details: The passion for what we do, and for everything that surrounds us, makes us care about the details. This self-demand helps us build a strong bond of trust with our customers and suppliers, and guides us towards high standards of quality and service.
  • Innovative spirit: Our permanent will to innovate brings us closer to building our own identity, toward being genuine and unique, toward innovating and transforming without losing respect for our origins, the soul of a trajectory and the emotion of a path to be followed.
  • Passion: Understood as the backbone and engine of all our activities and all the processes that surround them
  • Integrity: All the chosen values that form our culture in the organization will determine how we face any scenario and any situation, generating trust in all our relationships.