In 2021, Alma arrives at Bodega Marañones to give continuity to a benchmark wine project both in the Vinos de Madrid Designation of Origin and in the whole Gredos area. Marañones is the harmonious combination of vineyards and people in the production of wines that transmit the characteristics and personality of both. High sites, old vines, local varieties, granitic soils, Mediterranean climate with constant, gentle winds. Vinification by plots. Respect for the land.

Unique landscapes between 650 and 850m. in the Sierra de Gredos, form a mosaic of vineyards of exceptional landscape and oenological value within the Vinos de Madrid D.O. Marañones is a place of encounter, of castles and monasteries, of stories of kings, commoners and wine that accompany us to appreciate and learn from the journey of a land and its people dedicated for centuries to wine and its landscape.

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Gredos: heritage landscape

We approach the landscape from the aspects that make it unique as a heritage and we integrate it into our wines as a determining factor. Gentle and constant wind flows allow a natural aerial “cleaning” of the vines, making them less susceptible to fungal diseases. The orientation of our vineyards is marked by the dominant north, which, given the slope of the plots, facilitates optimum sunshine. The wide daily temperature range throughout the year, especially at critical times, favours optimum grape ripening. The orographic screening factor of the mountain ranges, which cut off the direct influence of cold winds and northern frosts, facilitates the aeration of the vineyards.