Wine Culture

In 2021, Alma Carraovejas consolidates a project that has been in the making for years and whose ultimate aim is to promote wine culture in all its aspects. We understand wine and everything that surrounds it as an essential aspect to understand and explain a key part of our country’s idiosyncrasy. Each producing area, its peculiarities, the growth around the monastic orders, its commercialisation, history, its ancestral varieties, its rites, myths and legends make up a universe that crosses all borders and that we seek to revalue.


The three pillars of the foundation

The Cultura Líquida Foundation is based on three main pillars that cover a wide range of cultural areas. The first of these is the ‘Editorial Cultura Líquida’ which seeks to rescue great wine works from oblivion; to reprint classics such as, for example, the essential ‘Vinos y Viñedos del Noroeste de España’ by Huetz de Lemps; to translate reference books such as the pruning book by the masters Simonit & Sirch or the launching of unpublished works.

The second leg has to do with training. To this end, we are developing our own programmes together with some of the most relevant educational institutions in our country. The aim is to cover all aspects of the world of wine through quality, up-to-date training aimed at bringing the focus back to our sector.