It all goes back to a dream that was born in the 1970s. It was Jose María Ruiz, an ambitious and inquisitive young man from Segovia, who began what today is this great project in the Ribera del Duero linked to the Ruiz Aragoneses family.

Pedro Ruiz
José María y Pedro

Facing the Peñafiel Castle, on the gentle slopes of the Carraovejas Valley that converge to the Botijas Stream, there is a place where grape cultivation becomes exciting. Located on a slope perpendicular to the Duero River and parallel to the Duratón, the terrain is gently undulating, flat in the center of the valley, and steeper the higher up it goes, reaching 900 meters above sea level.

Set in exceptional surroundings, a historic landscape, the vineyard is tended with the greatest care, the wine is prepared meticulously, and a judicious and balanced aging process results in wines with a unique identity.

Botella Pago de Carraovejas
Bodega Pago de Carraovejas